Productivity Playbook for Creators (Ebook)

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Productivity Playbook for Creators (Ebook)

The Notion Coach
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Are you finding templates ineffective in changing your workflow?

If you answered yes, this is for you.

The Manifest Playbook is a new type of resource, built for Notion users, in Notion.

Using a revolutionary learning tool – Float – The Manifest Playbook operates as template, course, and interactive experience.

What's included in the playbook?

TMP is a comprehensive resource, covering all the main aspects of mindful productivity. All sections are backed be proven methods & strategies, and reference prominent authors, studies, and statistics to ensure the methods you create are optimized for success.

The Manifest Playbook | Chapters

  1. Navigation & Tips for Maximizing TMP

  2. Goal Setting

  3. OKR's (Objectives & Key Results

  4. Habit-Tracking

  5. Weekly Planning

  6. Daily Planning & Reflection

  7. Journaling

  8. PKM (Personal Knowledge Management)

What is Manifest?

Manifest OS was released in early 2021, has over 1,300 downloads on Gumroad, and an almost 5⭐️ Rating from users. The Notion-based productivity system incorporates the most effective elements of GTD, PARA, 12-Week Year, and Atomic Habits, in a unified workspace.

What Users Have Said

How Is This Different From an Ebook?

TMP is a dynamic learning experience, allowing you to see real examples in context, track your progress in the ebook, and quickly reference specific areas to dive deeper on a particular subject. TMP not only gives context around why implementing these strategies are gamechanging, but also sets you up for creating your own systems, built around your workflows.

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