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Don't start using a template without reflecting on these five topics! Take 10 minutes to do a quick reflection on what matters, what habits you want to build, and what routine tasks you can systematize. 

This is less of a plug-and-play template, and more of a reflective, process-focused exercise, to ensure the things you're tracking, doing, and reviewing are only the things that matter. 

Each section has a short description on why that stage is important, and what actions can be taken with your answers.

The Five Key Questions to Consider:

1. Personal Reminders

2. Highest Priority Habits

3. Morning Routine

4. Evening Routine

5. Self-Assessment Plan


Manifest News

Manifest OS Launching April 15th, 2021!

On the heels of the super-popular beta template, Manifest OS offers a holistic, fully functional life management system, built on Notion.

In addition to all spaces, databases, and views being fully pre-configured, you'll also get:

◉ The Notion Template

◉ 10 Walkthrough Videos

◉ Complementary 1-on-1 Consultation (First 25 Orders Only!)

Build the habits that will transform your workflow. Use Manifest OS!

Check out our Notion Session on how to use the Guide!

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Notion DIY Daily Planner

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